Pariah Studios is a cross media design studio, producing illustration, motion graphics, animation, editorial and video production, for a broad range of clients. Working closely with our clients we bring 18 years design experience to create, produce and deliver brand identities to engage and interact with audiences. Some of our clients:


We have built not only a reputation for our work but also our problem solving abilities and skills in helping find the best way to stay efficient, without losing out on creativity or ability to deliver a message. Some of these aspects of our work have evolved into products which can be found on this site. They range from software plugins, to full training courses, as well as a host of free tutorials. Aimed more at artists they are a way to contribute to the community, helping us look for new talent, as well of keeping us on top of current trends.

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Rob Redman is the founder and creative director of Pariah Studios.  Apart from a huge passion for all things design and 3D, he can mostly be found playing with new technologies, walking his two dogs, or adding to his steadily expanding collection of Star Wars lego.

On top of his duties at the studio he is often asked to write for the industry press and to present at shows like Siggraph, ZED and FMX. Personal hobbies include playing a variety of instruments, a fascination for planted aquarium keeping and unhealthy obsession with fast cars.


Guy Readman is the studios… A musician and sound engineer with over 18 years experience and, a lecturer of Music Technology, Guy is a regular performer on the violin or the bass guitar. When not performing, he can be found in the studio, composing or creating soundscapes for studio projects, or writing articles on all things sound related.

Aside from his music, Guy is a keen cook and often experiments by feeding hot curries to his two children. He has five chickens and a duck named Gandalf.



Charles Rowland is the studios main developer and can be found slaving over hot code at all hours of the day or night. He is also an accomplished motion designer and offers his Cinema 4D skills as well as After Effects.

Although he takes his work seriously he can be fairly called the studio clown and his razor sharp wit has a life of it’s own, in personal conversations and social media.