Location and preproduction

We offer a full production service for every project, from production and logistics, through shooting, location management, equipment supplies, through to post production planning, including full CG previz animation.

We can provide DoP services; camera operation, lighting rigs and aerial footage with a selection of drones/aerial cameras. Steady cam operating. Dolly, Crane and Jib operation.

Specialist: HDRI capture and creation, Lidar scanning and photogrammetry.

Data management, throughput and backup services. Footage reviews, dailies and on location colour

correction and grading.


A large part of what we do is computer animation, which starts with modelling, moves on to texture painting, shader creation, lighting, animation and rendering.

Modeling: Full range of solutions on offer, including assets with variable LODs for memoir management, game TV, or film usage.

Materials: Texture painting and shader creation, either photorealistic physically based materials or more stylised.

Animation: Everything from from VFX animation to motion graphics.

Specialist options: Physics simulations, from soft body to rigid body, fluid, smoke and fire dynamics. Camera tracking and compositing. Digital set extensions, sky replacements and wire removal.

Light and Render:  Full range of lighting solutions offered, from HDRI capture and implementation to digital studio rigs. Rendering from ray tracing to full Global Illumination