Since leaving 3D World magazine as a full time editor I’ve kept up my relationship with the magazine by writing regularly, specially my Core Skills column and monthly Q&As.

Issue 196 which is out now sees the publication of three of my pieces.



First up is my latest Core Skills for beginners, this time taking a good hard look at rendering interiors. Obviously if I was to cover everything in the article here it would have been pointless me writing it but I do look at things like scale, shadow and light and physical rendering, all within Cinema 4D.



Next up is a Q&A and this one is, I think, particularly interesting and looks at how to best model, thinking about component p[ieces and possible re-use later in different projects. I really like to stash parts of models (as well as whole models) to re-use later and my content browser is now linked to a network drive, which houses my entire asset library. So things like the control buttons in the render are from a collection of knobs, switches and buttons that I have organised for just such a time.

This issue also has one of my reviews in, this time of iClone 6. Again I wont give my verdict and rundown here but I will say iClone definitely has some uses and could find it’s way into many artists pipeline.


Look out for issue 196 in the shops (or on iPad) now and keep an eye open for more form me in 197, as I have already produced more work for thew next few issues.

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