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Hi all,


thought it was time for an update. This year has been quite the busy one for me, what with doing a bunch of client CG, editing 3D World magazine and taking on 3D Artist as well. I’ve travelled a load too, both presenting and attending everything from FMX and THU to Siggraph and I’m still not done. I have a week off next week, then straight on to Turin for View conference (what a show that should be. The line up is amazing; Brad Bird and Michael Giaccino!)

That said, I am currently in the process of merging the two 3D titles that I edit to make one super magazine. 3D World will be growing to become home for more of the content readers love and incorporating the best of 3D Artist. I’m pretty excited by this and have lots of plans to make it the best it’s ever been.

What this also does is free up a lot of my time, so that I can create more training. My summer plan was to record a series of tutorials but my schedule meant that had to go on the back burner. Now, I’m free to do this, so will be sorting the recording out and publishing these pretty soon.

On that note I have a request. If you are ever looking to buy new gear, from cameras and lenses to all kinds of goodies suited to a CG artist then please consider using my amazon store. It doesn’t cost you any extra but helps me with a little bit of commission, as an amazon influencer. Obviously I only add things I use, have reviewed in a working setting and have faith in, so keep it in mind.

You can find my amazon store here and it includes all the gear I use to created my youtube videos, as well as a bunch of stuff I keep in the studio and use in my day to day life as a 3D artist.

The biggest new addition to the store is the amazing Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, from Blackmagic. I’ve reviewed this for a few magazines and use it myself and it’s a beast. 6k might feel like overkill for some but it certainly offers a few benefits. First off if you present videos in 4K or Full HD then you have lots of scope for reframing. On top of that this camera comes with an EF mount. Many people have some canon lenses which means that if you are one of them, or if you are thinking of moving your video production from a 5d or similar then you are halfway there.

I love that, even though the 6k has a different mount and shroud, they both share the same form factor, to the point that all my cages, mounts, rigs and accessories will work with both. Plus it’s pretty cheap. A 6K cinema camera that shoots BRAW at £2300 is amazing. I shot some footage in Malta and the picture is stunning. I’ll post some footage up here soon, so you can download and pixel peep to your heart’s content.

I’ll not bang on about this camera too much but I love it. I see it as a partner to the 4k. They serve different purposes in my mind and I will definitely be putting them both to work. Once I get the new mini ATEM switcher I’ll be set for some cool live streaming too.

Back to the training. My next tutorial is going to be about animating to audio. I was thinking of showing the entire process, including writing and recording some music, in an 80s retro synth style, ala John Carpenter, mixed with a bit of Tangerine Dream and Survive. Then take that into Cinema 4D to show you how to use the audio to drive various animations. If this interests you let m e know!




p.s There’s also my CG essentials book in the works. More on that later.

p.p.s Oh and I’ll be moving studio in November too. Same building, bigger space!

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