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Learn Cinema 4D in the classroom

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If you have ever tried to learn something from youtube, or you have tried to follow along with somebody you probably have run out of momentum at some point. While it’s great that you can pause and rewind, you still need to be able to see and understand what is going on, for you to gain confidence in taking those skills yourself. That is where classroom based learning comes in. Being able to watch somebody, while they explain is a good way to build a solid understanding but the ability to then ask questions and discuss why those choices are…

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We are hiring!

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Pariah Studios is hiring but before throwing things out to the job sites I thought I would share with you all first. We don’t work 9-5. This is a creative environment for creative people and we don’t think being tied to a desk within a specific time window is good for anybody. We have clients in different countries for one thing, so being flexible is a must. On top of that we live complex lives, with children, hobbies and different body clocks. Some people work better at night and we understand all of that. Want a long lunch? Great, so do…

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