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#mastersofcg poster

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You may have seen my work so far, that I’ve done toward my idents entry but I thought I would share my plan for the poster entry too.   I’m a big fan of simple film posters, specially ones with a single main element, either an object or a character. Rogue Trooper gives the opportunity to create something strong, so I’m going to work on a silhouette of him, with his gear, probably back lit. I imagine the modeling wont be overly taxing. He’s a fairly standard soldier type humanoid. What I think will be the main aspect of this…

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#mastersofcg idents

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So, as you probably all know I’m entering the #mastersofcg contest over at creativebloq even though I’m banned from winning. The main reason for me is that it gives me a really good excuse to work on a project with a little bit of a brief but where I have some freedom to experiment, teach myself new things and to work on scenes that I might not be able to justify otherwise. Although I’m entering three of the categories I’ll stick to the first here. That is ‘Studio Ident’. I’m a big fan of these very short form projects and…

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Masters of CG

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I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be working on a number of CG projects over the coming months. Some of those are going to be entries to the summer’s biggest community event: Masters of CG. This is a competition based on 2000 AD’s Rogue Trooper IP and covers various areas, so artists with different skills and available time can get in on the act. I’m going to go for a Film Poster, Studio Ident and Title sequence myself. Seeing as I work for Future, I’m not allowed to win anything but it’s these kinds of projects that can help motivate me…

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Motion of the ocean

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Well, I’ve been on holiday and as well as being relaxing and fun it was also great reference for one of the projects I’m working on now I’m back. I can’t share the details of the client or full project just yet but it’s part of the set of three projects I mentioned recently. This is the first real production job I’ve done using the Cintiq 24 and the HPZ820 and I have to say I’m super happy with both. The HPZ flies and both animation and viewport performance is top notch. I’ve seriously cut back on play blasts with…

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Inside the HPZ820

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As part of my #sos (summer of switching) a few people asked me about the internals of my workstation and really wanted to see how it is set up. Interestingly I’d always claimed part of the benefits of the Mac Pro was just how accessible it is but the HPZ is actually more so. The PSU slots out just like the drives and GPU. Anyway. Here’s a short video showing the innards. It’s shot on my phone so not great but there are some photos bellow which should show you more clearly. Note the huge potential for ram increases as…

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The HPZ820 Workstation

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  I posted a few details about the HPZ before but I’m getting asked a lot of questions about the spec, performance and my Thoughts about it, so this follow up post will go a little further towards sharing some of this. Rather than writing down the full spec, here’s a grab, showing it all.   That spec reads well but none of that really matters if the system as a whole doesn’t perform, so I’ve done a couple of early cinebench tests. Results are very good. Again, I’ve pasted a grab here, so you can see for yourselves.  …

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Wacom Cintiq 24HD with Cinema 4D

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I’ve been making a bit of noise recently, regarding some new gear I’m using. I thought it might be interesting to show how easy it is to make a few tweaks to the Cintiq’s settings, for use in Cinema 4D. I’ll be doing more in future videos, so check back or subscribe to stay up to date.

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Gear overview

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I’ve had a number of questions since I started tweeting about my new setup, so I thought it was about time to do a little overview of what I’m using to do my work at the moment. Please keep in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list and I still have my apple setups in my studio. With that said here is a run down.   Workstation. I’m using an HPZ820, with a 240gb SSD, a1tb HDD for files, 16gb RAM and its a 2x Xeon running 24 threads. I’ve done zero tweaking so far and a quick cinebench test…

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new site/new projects/new gear

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  Hi all, it’s all been go here recently. My site went down and my backup drive failed, so I’m starting from scratch. If you visit for my video tutorials please don’t worry too much. They will all return but for now you can still find them all on my vimeo channel, including this popular one on GI. On to the good stuff. I’ve been lucky enough to play with a lot of gear over the last few years and recently I’ve decided to experiment with a switch from mac to windows. This isn’t because apple has offended me in…

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