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The Oysterhouse Boys – a synthwave side project

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I’ve been playing music for as long as I can remember, mostly guitar but also piano, drums, bass, violin (badly) and various other instruments a little. You may know I also build custom guitars, which is as much about getting away from a computer and using my hands, as anything else. Recently I started a new side project combining a few of my passions and this has turned into something more serious, so thought I’d talk about it here. The Oysterhouse boys is a music project that I have been working on for a few moths. It’s essentially a dark…

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Laubwerk Plant kit update

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I've recently had the chance to test the latest from Laubwerk, developer of the fantastic Plants kit, which comes in various flavours, of which I'm using the Cinema 4D version. I was actually the first artist to use the new release and put it through it's paces and you can see my brief thoughts over at the Laubwerk site, along with one of the renders I created using it but I have to say I love it. I used previous versions and enjoyed them too but this one makes my life so much easier and my work more efficient. It...
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Trojan Horse was a Unicorn – 3

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Much of the week has been about mentoring, with top flight artists spending time with a group of menthes, learning not just about process but about reasoning, experience and developing as an artist. This is a part of what makes THU magic and you won’t find it anywhere else.   One of my personal highlights has been Victor Hugo, who has been one of my favourite artists for some time now. He produced a surprise animation, which I posted earlier in the week, named “The Manifesto’; a tribute to the speakers and with many easter eggs for the keen eyed….

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#mastersofcg idents

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So, as you probably all know I’m entering the #mastersofcg contest over at creativebloq even though I’m banned from winning. The main reason for me is that it gives me a really good excuse to work on a project with a little bit of a brief but where I have some freedom to experiment, teach myself new things and to work on scenes that I might not be able to justify otherwise. Although I’m entering three of the categories I’ll stick to the first here. That is ‘Studio Ident’. I’m a big fan of these very short form projects and…

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