FMX 2015 Creative showcasing

FMX, like almost all trade shows of any kind, is home to a large number of booths, where developers and resellers show off their latest and greatest. This is great and allows people to investigate possible options and talk to the people involved in their creation, before committing to investing any cold hard cash.

What has been great to see though is a different approach to this kind of strategy from certain areas. Following on from last year at FMX the collaboration between HP, Cut & Paste, Intel and Wacom has continued and I think it’s the future.

Rather than the booth with a big screen and a rep (who gets increasingly tired looking over the course of the show), there was a large area full of creative endeavor. Cut & Paste are masters at running this kind of event and this year brought their skills to bare with a character design contest based around the theme Audacity, where artists were paired up to conceive, design and illustrate a character.

Not only does this generate some creative energy and some real artwork but, more importantly, it allows artists to get to grips with the gear in a much more telling setting. There can be nothing better than sitting at a Wacom Cintiq, powered by a HP Z workstation, to really understand what the technology allows.

Of course there were standalone examples, with staff near at hand for those who couldn’t take part for any reason and the event within the event wasn’t restricted to just the contest. HP had a daily wheel of fortune where you could answer industry related questions to win prizes from bags and mice to tablets.

I hope and pray that other developers take notice of this kind of interactive demo experience and they would be mad not to, as they build not just real experiences but surely brand loyalty as well.

Watch the video below to see some scenes from the event, as I talked to Jenny, the art director at Cut & Paste



For more on CUt & Paste and what they do check their site.

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