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By December 22, 2014 C4D, free, masters of cg 2 Comments

To finish off the year I thought I would record a new tutorial and share a scene file with you. This one is useful and really simple but I hope proves to be useful, specially for those of you who don’t often use the body paint tools or layouts.

The idea is all about making it simple and less daunting to paint textures, without the need to setup complex UV maps.

The tutorial video is here on the tutorials page. If you find it useful please leave a comment and let me know.

Click the link here to grab your free penguin model. That’s probably the last tutorial of the year, so have a great holiday and see you next year, with some new year’s resolutions!

Thanks for making this a great year.

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  • Sanaa says:


    I had a question for you. I followed your tutorial exactly and when I closed the file and re opened it, my UV map was really pixelated and it looked odd. Your zip file doesn’t include the tiff so I could see how it looks. Did you ever encounter a problem like that? I would really appreciate a response.

    • pariahrob says:

      I haven’t had that problem myself. I wonder if it’s either a projection painting issue or resolution. You could open the texture in photoshop and check the pixel dimensions there?
      My guess is that it’s to do with the projection. Did you make sure you froze the painting when you finished? You do that by hitting the green tick in the projection painting tool section.

      Hope that helps


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