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I’ve had a number of questions since I started tweeting about my new setup, so I thought it was about time to do a little overview of what I’m using to do my work at the moment. Please keep in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list and I still have my apple setups in my studio. With that said here is a run down.



I’m using an HPZ820, with a 240gb SSD, a1tb HDD for files, 16gb RAM and its a 2x Xeon running 24 threads. I’ve done zero tweaking so far and a quick cinebench test gave a score of 1505 and 59.97fps.

What I like about the HPZ is the industrial design (as well as performance). The case is solid and made from high quality materials. It’s whisper quiet even with all cores going hell for leather. Internally it’s well laid out, with everything accessible and pretty much toolless.

I’ll talk more about that later.



You probably guessed from the image but I’m using a wacom cintiq 24HD touch, which is the best device you can use in my opinion. I’ve been using wacom gear for over fifteen years and I’ve never had one die on me. They are solid, reliable and well designed.

The cintiq is about as colour accurate as you can be at 97% of adobe RGB and it runs cool. The base gets some flack for being heavy. It is. It weights about 28kg but that’s a benefit. I can lean on it hours on end, drawing away or 3D modeling and it supports me without fail. It would be so annoying if it wobbled or slid across the desk. It’s also incredibly versatile from a positioning point of view. It can go from bolt upright to in my lap and a slew of option in-between and all with a quick press/pull of the handles.

I rarely use a keyboard now, unless I know I’ll be typing a lot. The onscreen keyboard and touch interface are fine for the odd bit of use and the express keys handle most of my shortcuts with ease.

Again, more on that later, with a full review. you can also catch my full review for 3D World in issue 182.


Other regular hardware I use are:


Mmy fuji x100 as my main camera, after getting rid of my dslr gear. The x100 is all you need for most work. It will never be any good for wildlife or sports photography but anything else it’s built for. I love it.

Blue Yeti microphone. Solid and excellent quality, I use this for music and tutorial recording. It’s also very pretty, specially in it’s suspension cradle.

G Raid drives. I use one for my media drive, attached to my router. The other is a simple backup drive.



this gets tricky and there is far too much to list but a run down of my most used apps would look like this:

Adobe CC (mostly Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and After Effects)

Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Maya, Modo, Mari, Painter, Unity and Houdini.


Well that is pretty much it for the overview. I will share more about ins and outs and talk about my workflow in future posts. Don’t forget to use the #sos summer of switching tag to keep track of the projects. I’ll be sharing scene files, tutorials and more over the next few months.


By for now.




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