This year has been a busy one, with speaking at events from FMX to hosting a show at THU, filming a load of content for various projects all on top of the usual client work.

However, the most exciting project of the year has been preproduction on a film that I’m directing. Work has been ongoing for months and months now and we will soon be starting to share a whole bunch of things, from concept art, character his and production diary style posts.

We are about ready to shoot the prologue which we will be using in our indiegogo campaign, which is set to go live before the end of the year. The plan is to fund the pilot episode, which is a standalone story in it’s own rite but asks many questions.

So far we have had a lot of interest and already have some backing and support from a few big hardware and software companies which is hugely exciting and the belief in what we are doing is incredible. We will be talking more about the backers, what we are doing and what we plan in the future so keep checking back or subscribe to keep up to date.


There will be loads of training content we make a long the way, including a bunch of free tutorials, magazine features and so much more.

I’ve been working in animation and VFX for nearly twenty years now and it’s about time I started to tell some of my own stories and Henry is the first. The story is set in the very near future, in a slightly alternate universe. Not much is different from our world but enough to make for some interest. There is political intrigue, secret agents, sex, technology and lots of tea. A mix of countryside chases, neon-lit rainy fight scenes and noiresque smoky future tech fight scenes.


I won’t say any more for now but please look out for #henrymovie posts and tweets, as we will be sharing lots along the way, as well as opening up some opportunities you might be interested in.

For now thanks for reading and we will leave you with this, first concept art (by the awesome Bogna Gawronska), of Henry himself, a camera repair shop owner with a very special hidden talent. He’s a shy guy but you don’t want to cross him or his friends.


Thanks Rob & Guy



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