Inside the HPZ820

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As part of my #sos (summer of switching) a few people asked me about the internals of my workstation and really wanted to see how it is set up.
Interestingly I’d always claimed part of the benefits of the Mac Pro was just how accessible it is but the HPZ is actually more so.
The PSU slots out just like the drives and GPU.
Anyway. Here’s a short video showing the innards. It’s shot on my phone so not great but there are some photos bellow which should show you more clearly. Note the huge potential for ram increases as well. I’m only using 4 slots so far!


The access to the drives and PSU are as easy as it gets. Check out the last photo, which shows the huge cooling system for the 2 Xeons. Looks like radiators from a mini have been fitted.





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  • Keshaw says:

    The HPZ workstations are great, he same config you have i just checked out to build it on my own. It would cost me 6000$ but with HP it’s 18000$. Big difference, even tho i do like HP workstations a lot.

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