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This is a bit of a catch all post and there’s a fair bit to cover, so I’ll be brief. Thi summer has been so busy but for the right reasons. The 3D work has been thick and fats with some really interesting projects, including a set of renders for Techradar, which are all concepts for new handsets from the likes of Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony. These were all made using Cinem a4D and rendered with Maxwell Render. There are more of these on the way so keep checking, as we will share them too.

The best way to keep up to date is via the newsletter. It’s been slow coming but now it’s scheduled for a fortnightly release which will include free scene files, models and more, so sign up at the bottom of the page to stay up to date. For the latest one click here (it duplicates a lot of this post so feel free to skip).

As you can see froom the image the MILG bot is back! I wrote a piece for 3D World issue 198 which is a tips piece for Cinema 4D artists, helping you get the most from your software and I was asked if they could use my robot for it. Of course I’m very attached to him and had to say yes, so he is back on the scene. I think I’ll have to create a friend for him one of these days. Ideas on a postcard!




The big news for a lot of people is the announcement of Cinema 4D R17 and there has been a typically mixed response, with some loving it and others wanting more of a big shiny toy to play with. While it’s true that there is nothing in R17 that will make massive headlines I think that’s ok. R17 is all about workflow, so you wont find a new mograph module, or a hair system. What you will find are tools that have been reworked to work better, be more efficient and new htings to help you stay organised and creative.

The Takes system is one of these and, although on the fac eof it it seams like a posh version of a render layers or version saves, it is actually pretty cool. It lets you do all kinds of things like model, material and render setting swaps, without having to jump between scene files. That may sound dull but if you’ve ever worked on a larger project you’ll realise how impoirtant that can be.

Spline modeling has had a big face lift and now is smoother, fster and nicer to do. Hard to put into words so look out for a video soon. Same goes for many of the other improvements form sculpting to motion tracking updates.

So, there are no big headline features but there is a whole lot to like. I’m not going to go into priciing and msa here. Budgeting is a personal/studio thing and whether any tool is worth the asking price is down to many factors, from turnover to the part it plays in your pipeling. I would suggest you play with the demo when it arrives and if you like it get it.


To help you decide, we will post a number of videos over the given weeks showing how to get started with some of the new features and how to make the most of all the new workflow goodness.

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