Laubwerk Plant kit update

I’ve recently had the chance to test the latest from Laubwerk, developer of the fantastic Plants kit, which comes in various flavours, of which I’m using the Cinema 4D version.

I was actually the first artist to use the new release and put it through it’s paces and you can see my brief thoughts over at the Laubwerk site, along with one of the renders I created using it but I have to say I love it. I used previous versions and enjoyed them too but this one makes my life so much easier and my work more efficient. It includes native support for Maxwell within C4D and on top of it’s other options offers otpions for material quality, so you can have translucent leaves if you have the compute power, or tone things down if you need faster results.


The standard tools are all there, so adding a plant from the library is simple and you know the scale will be correct. All you have to do then is choose and age and variation for your plant and define the season of the year. the plugin then sets the geometry and applies the correct materials. That’s it. Everything is done and you just hit render. On top of that yo ualso get options for level of detail, so you can choose whats best for your viewport and renderer, keeping things fluid.

I used one of the plants in this Multilight render I created for my Maxwell render talk at FMX this year.

Look for some tutorials on using the plant kits soon.

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