I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be working on a number of CG projects over the coming months. Some of those are going to be entries to the summer’s biggest community event: Masters of CG.

This is a competition based on 2000 AD’s Rogue Trooper IP and covers various areas, so artists with different skills and available time can get in on the act. I’m going to go for a Film Poster, Studio Ident and Title sequence myself.

Seeing as I work for Future, I’m not allowed to win anything but it’s these kinds of projects that can help motivate me to try new things and push myself a little. It’s also a much better way to build pieces for your reel/portfolio than spec work, as you get all the benefits yourself.

On top of that there are some cool prizes on offer (even if I cant get my hands on them). So if you are interested in stretching yourself have a go.

It’s a community event so ask for feedback and share what you are doing. I will be posting as I go here and on twitter. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #mastersofcg


My first projects is the idents one and I’ll post tomorrow about my concept and thoughts as well as the first steps I’ve made in production. You may have seen the ocean scene I’ve been working on. That was an initial test for this and it’s proving an interesting test for the combination of the wacom cintiq and the HPZ. So far all going very smoothly.


More later.

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