So, as you probably all know I’m entering the #mastersofcg contest over at creativebloq even though I’m banned from winning.

The main reason for me is that it gives me a really good excuse to work on a project with a little bit of a brief but where I have some freedom to experiment, teach myself new things and to work on scenes that I might not be able to justify otherwise.

Although I’m entering three of the categories I’ll stick to the first here. That is ‘Studio Ident’. I’m a big fan of these very short form projects and am always fascinated by the strong mix of design and animation.

My concept is a simple one. I’m a big fan of the new 3D World design, so looking to make the new logo a simple, strong element.  Although not overly clever I like the idea of the animated elements being 3D Worlds of their own. This means I have the options to build a number of scenes, to cater for different kinds of worlds.

I’ve already built my master scene, with a very simple lift and rotate camera move, which will lift up past the logo and come to a halt after four seconds. I’m using this as a reference for my final scenes. So far I have three that I know I want to do but I’m going to aim for 5.

First up is the water world that I’ve already shown part of. To this will be added clouds, spray and maybe something flying. I’d like some kind of interaction between the scene and the logo, so having a bird fly up with the camera then pass in front of the logo might be nice.


Anyway, above is  mockup of the logo over the ocean. Nothing else added yet. I just wanted to see the space.


So far, as well as pushing myself, this has been an experiment in new gear. I’ve moved over to using an HPZ820 and a Cintiq, a big change from my mac setups but so far, other a couple of minor software niggles, it’s been fantastic. Render times have dropped hugely and testing is needed less and less. Maxwell fire is now easily fast enough to know what I’m doing in scene.


Fun times! More to come soon, as I update this and post about the other categories.

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