#mastersofcg poster

You may have seen my work so far, that I’ve done toward my idents entry but I thought I would share my plan for the poster entry too.


I’m a big fan of simple film posters, specially ones with a single main element, either an object or a character.

Rogue Trooper gives the opportunity to create something strong, so I’m going to work on a silhouette of him, with his gear, probably back lit. I imagine the modeling wont be overly taxing. He’s a fairly standard soldier type humanoid.

What I think will be the main aspect of this will be his skin. I want to work on highlighting the engineered aspect of his background and have an idea to show that physically somehow. Either as a sub-dermal sparkle or little geometric bursts of light. Almost electrical looking.

I’ll be working on that over the coming days, so look out for an update soon. I’ll also share my project files, so if you want to have a closer look then download them and have a play around.

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