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Well, I’ve been on holiday and as well as being relaxing and fun it was also great reference for one of the projects I’m working on now I’m back.

I can’t share the details of the client or full project just yet but it’s part of the set of three projects I mentioned recently.

This is the first real production job I’ve done using the Cintiq 24 and the HPZ820 and I have to say I’m super happy with both. The HPZ flies and both animation and viewport performance is top notch. I’ve seriously cut back on play blasts with the viewport playing back full speed. As for the cintiq, it makes life so much more pleasant. I’ve been using an Intuos for years, so understood the benefits of a stylus but the cintiq really makes life easy and comfortable. I haven’t even done any real sculpting yet!

A big chunk of the 5 second spot includes an animated ocean, so I’ve been experimenting with various tools and so far HOT4D for Cinema 4D seems to be the best balance of quality and efficiency.

The image above was rendered with C4D’s standard renderer, with GI turned on (with basic HDRI GI preset). The ocean shape and motion was created using the HOT4D deformer on a simple plane object. The plugin allows for easy generation of vertex maps, which I’ve used to generate thinking particles, via the mograph cloner.

The scene still looked pretty ropey, so I used sIBL for the environment and reflections, then spent a couple of hours working on the material. That’s when everything came together and I’m pretty happy with the look.

The still you see here had some post work done in photoshop. Just a little contrast boost, some lens distortion and slight noise, finished off with a curves adjustment and diffusion. This is really a look dev test and is a bit heavy handed but looks ok.

I’m currently rendering the animation, which I will share as soon as I can.

I plan to add some cloud layers and a couple of other scene objects. Originally I was going to do it all in C4D but now I think I will do some of it in After Effects, although I have krakatoa, which is enticing me to do some cloud work.

I’ll share updates soon.

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