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Hi all,

it’s all been go here recently. My site went down and my backup drive failed, so I’m starting from scratch.

If you visit for my video tutorials please don’t worry too much. They will all return but for now you can still find them all on my vimeo channel, including this popular one on GI.

On to the good stuff. I’ve been lucky enough to play with a lot of gear over the last few years and recently I’ve decided to experiment with a switch from mac to windows. This isn’t because apple has offended me in any way but Windows feels more attractive as a production tool than it has for a long time. What’s more is the hardware. Gone are the beige boxes and the attempts at industrial design that didn’t quite cut it.

I need something solid, reliable. high performing and cost effective. On top of that I want it to look good, be easy to deal with on a daily basis, as well as being quiet, run cool and not light up the floor under my desk with LEDs.

So, I am now switching from a selection macs (which will remain on duty but will step down from main workstation duty) to a HPZ 820. I’m also abandoning a traditional display and opting solely for my wacom cintiq 24HD touch, which I adore. For now, all I will say is that I tried W8, thinking it would be great with the cintiq but it was worse than useless. So bad I had to dig a mouse out of a box under the kitchen sink! Anyway I’ve reverted to W7 pro and think I will stay with it for now.


As for graphics I’m running an NVIDIA quadro K5000 and will also be testing an option from AMD, more of which in a few days.


With that said, please excuse the mess, while I rebuild the site but please follow along over the next few months. I’ve got some great 3D projects coming, for which I will be sharing my processes and scene files.


If you use the summer of switching tag #sos here on the site or on twitter you’ll get the relevant posts.


Bye for now.

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  • Michael Al-Far says:

    Hi Rob,
    I follow your work and I’ve learned a lot from your approach to projetcs. SO thank you for sharing that.
    I am trying to get in contact with you with a small issue and I was wondering if you could she your light on it.
    It’s a follow up on you technique to connect spline points through expresso in order to keep the sweepnurbed spline attached to the surface of an object.
    If you would like to have a look at the issue please send me an email and i will send you the file.

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