Is 2015 the year you want to change you job, or upskill. Maybe you just want to make a jump in skill level.

Well, this year has well and truly started with the studio ramping up to full speed already. The new studio has been fitted out not just for the production work but also for training, with separate desk, wacom cintiq 24HD and everything needed to help artists learn new skills.

Our first one to one session this year is underway, with James Rickards, of Renderbots, here to work with me and learn some new chops. We are working through some pretty intense projects varying from hard surface modelling, character modelling, rigging, UVing and dynamics.

Students are generally asked to come armed with a set of goals, as well as a character sketch(where appropriate) to work on. This is definitely the case here and we have been hard at work on a caricature of a mad scientist, designed by James.

The progress has been good and the results can be seen here. Once we have some finished renders we will share.


Tutorial videos are fantastic. They let you pick and choose when and where you learn but they do have some shortcomings. It’s difficult to clarify something you don’t understand, there is little to no interaction with the tutor and you can’t specify what skills or tools you study. Don’t take my word for it though. I’ll interview James at the end of each week and post the videos here, so you can see if some intensive training might be suitable to help you reach the next level.


Also, on top of the training Rob has been writing a number of pieces, with accompanying videos for 3D World, so look out in issues coming soon, to see his return to the pages, including pieces on X-Particles, Cinema 4D dynamics, rigging and much more.

Finally, we have some huge news coming soon. If you are into the highest render quality you can get but don’t want to sit and wait while it happens then we might well have something big for you very soon. Subscribe to the newsletter to get updates in your inbox.

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  • After one week I feel as though my skills have already reached an all time high. Rob is patient and very well versed not only in 3D but photography and composition not too mention a great sense of humour!

  • cameron bremner says:

    Hi Rob,

    Long time no hear – how are you getting on – any C4D training planned for Dublin again?

    thoroughly enjoyed the week in Image Ireland – it really got me started. Still not used it in production yet but playing around a lot with what I have.

    I was supposed to get back to you at some point regards character rigging / skinning??

    I do have one pressing question that I have not got to the bottom of even with extensive google searches (you will find this one interesting) I cant fix it and looks as if I am going to have to reinstall cinema from scratch – when trying to move, scale or rotate using the mouse buttons it scrolls the through the time line – its like the mouse button controls have been reassigned!!! – I have deleted my preference folder 🙁 (I had customized quite a lot) and restarted and nothing

    initially I thought it was a dodgy scene file so tried a clean scene, but still nothing.




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