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It took me a while to really appreciate what Patreon has to offer but I think now that it makes sense and it’s time I got involved. This is really because I get so many emails and messages on youtube, Facebook, twitter etc asking for my help with a problem, or an idea for a tutorial.

I love doing tutorials and it’s rewarding for me to get a message saying I’ve helped somebody out but I still have to pay the bills and keep my clients happy, so patreon helps everybody.

It allows you to support me to put aside a set amount of time each week, to create the best tutorials I can, produced properly and accompanied by scene files, models and materials, or source footage where appropriate for fusion and resolve training.

If you’ve ever found one of my videos helpful, interesting or entertaining and you’d be happy to donate enough to buy me a coffee, beer, lunch or something then please support me on patron and hopefully we can all benefit.

If you do decide to support me then thank you so much. I really do appreciate it.

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