pixel_nebulaThis image, entitled Pixel Nebula was inspired by a couple of things I’ve seen recently. First up was some of the amazing work by Lee Griggs, done in Maya using xgen and arnold and also by some of the vfx in Lucy. While I have mixed feelings about Lucy as a film, the visuals weren’t lacking at all and I’ll definitely be taking more inspiration from them soon.


Back to this render. While writing a review of Cinema 4D R16 for 3D World I’ve been experimenting and what you see here is almost completely built within it. There are 100,o000 clones in the scene and R16 performed flawlessly. The HP820 helped I’m sure but nice to know I can throw a lot at it and still remain productive.

I used the physical render, with a shallow depth of field and used the physical camera settings for vignetting, lens distortion, chromatic aberration and, although I could have added them in c4d, the star glows were added them in post. Other than that I didn’t do much. I used Cinema 4D’s built in curves adjustments to boost the contrast, warm up the highlights and cool the shadows.

I like the finished result and am really enjoying R16. I’ve got some training videos on the way soon as well, so if you want to =get some detailed looks at the polygon pen and motion tracker subscribe to see them when I release.


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