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  • illd says:

    Hi Rob,
    great acoustics in your new studio – or is it a new microphone? Anyway, your voice sounds great 😉

    I was really surprised seeing use you the projection painting. I knew that the clone tool (used with an imported texture) in combination with projection painting could be really powerfull – but those uv´s are always a mess. To me it is really hard to work with them in PS – I almost have no orientation and don´t know what I am doing. Isn´t there a way to clean up the uv´s just a little bit and still use projection painting on them? I think R16 has some minor upgrades on its uv tools which made it easier for wraping uv´s….

    Your hint on “apply projection” was very important for me – that was one point I never fully understood with projection painting. Sometimes it worked – sometimes not. Now I know why, I moved the camera before applying the projection.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    • pariahrob says:

      You can absolutely create better UVs and I would always suggest doing so if you know how.
      I really just wanted to show that the projection painting method could help people get texturing in the 3D viewport even if they know nothing about UVing.

      Have a great holiday!

  • Adrian says:

    10/10 – I have looked at body paint for many years and thought that’s a bit deep and time consuming – You have just made a dark art look easy.

    • pariahrob says:

      Thanks Adrian.
      It certainly has depths and many many tools but I’m glad my video made it feel more accessible. I’d highly recommend exploring again. It’s a fantastic bit of software.



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