• Nicola says:

    Beautifully easy to follow and understand, thank you.

  • Zac Sandler says:

    Woah! These tutorials are fabulous, thank you! I’m gonna tell all my Cinema 4D buddies about ’em right away

  • Nick says:

    Great tutorial! If I wanted to put this animation into a cloner, what would I need to do to get it to behave correctly? I tried grouping everything into a null and dropping it into a cloner, but the falloff from the polyfx doesn’t clone correctly. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help!

    • pariahrob says:

      OMG. So sorry for such a late reply! Got caught in the spam filter.
      I think the best bet would be to bake the animation and then use the baked version to duplicate.
      But I’m sure you’ve fixed it by now!


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