Procedural Materials Pack

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Hi all,

over recent months I’ve been working with Joren from the pixellab to bring you a new material pack. We had two main objectives with this pack. First up to make the best use of the new reflectance channel which simplifies setting up realistic materials.

Second was to do it so that there are no images involved. You will find no textures in this pack, meaning you wont ever have broken texture paths, it’s as simple as can be to use team render or a third party render farm.

We also wanted make sure that there was a wide array of materials for many uses, so we have selections of physically based materials from glass and metal to anodised finishes, wood, brick, tiles, car paints and  so much more. In fact there are over 340 in the pack.


Although we concentrated on the reflectance we wanted to make the pack as useable as possible so there are a set of light emitting materials in there as well.

We hope you love the pack and for a little look please watch the video then head over to the product page.







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