ProMats Vol 1 is here!

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Hi all,

I’m really excited to announce the launch of Volume 1, from my series of hires textures for CG artists ( a selection of which you see above). This is the first of many and includes an assortment of textures for use in many scenarios, from Archviz work to motion graphics.

Each material is completely image based, using hires photography and included are maps for all kinds of effects, from standard diffuse and specular, to normal maps and displacement.

Using the pack you can create some beautiful, photorealistic materials, from old vintage brickwork, to bamboo flooring and so much more.



The brickwork image above was made using Diffuse, Normal and displacement maps and the render is from Maxwell but the joy of using textures like this is that they don’t care what software you use. Whatever host app you prefer, be it Maya, Cinema 4D, Modo or something else these will work. Choose whichever render engine you want and these will work with that systems material editor.


I love building materials and have a number of follow up volumes in the works, with theme specific textures but I would also love to hear what you would like to see in future packs so please either leave a comment below or get in touch and let me know.


To get your hands on the texture pack head over to the pixel lab and try them out!

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