Summer ‘19

Hi all!

The last couple of years have absolutely flown by, with my role as editor of 3D World (and now 3D Artist too) taking up a lot of my time.

Ive still been doing client work but it’s not left much room to do any tutorials and this has left a bit of a void in me which needs to rectified.

So im making a concerted effort, starting this summer, to start recording some new tutorials. These will cover a number of areas, mostly cinema 4D, but I think will be more project focused. For a while I’ve been thinking more and more about showing the whole process of a project, so expect to see videos on filming plates, colour grading and writing music or doing sound design (I studied commercial sound production as an adult).

Mom also going to be making a game over the course of a year. Some of this process will be covered in 3D World supported by Epic and Quixel but I imagine there’s a lot that won’t fit in print so I’ll share here too. If you have an interest in making games then follow along. That’s going to start next month.

If if there’s anything you’d like to see me cover then please let me know.

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