Radeon ProRender with Maya tutorial

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Hello all and happy new year. Hope you are all rested and recovering from the festivities. Things are hotting up here already but for now I just wanted to share this tutorial I created for Digital Arts, all about using Radeon ProRender inside maya. It’s a great renderer, with a lovely material library and works a treat. Follow the link to read the tutorial and don’t forget ProRender is free, so grab it and give it a try. I had a lot of fun writing it and it was also a great reason to bring back MilgBot.

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Pariah Studios on Patreon

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It took me a while to really appreciate what Patreon has to offer but I think now that it makes sense and it’s time I got involved. This is really because I get so many emails and messages on youtube, Facebook, twitter etc asking for my help with a problem, or an idea for a tutorial. I love doing tutorials and it’s rewarding for me to get a message saying I’ve helped somebody out but I still have to pay the bills and keep my clients happy, so patreon helps everybody. It allows you to support me to put aside…

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Apple iPhone 7 renders in T3

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  Like many tech magazines and blogs T3 magazine likes to invetsigate what the future might hold for us and in the latest issue they have done just that. This time they have looked at what might be coming in the autumn ofr iPhone 7 and they asked me to produce some renders based on their thoughts. You can see the pages here but for full res, detailed, images check out T3 either in print or on the ipad. The model was built in Cinema 4D, where the scene was set up, materials added, then lighting set up and fiunally…

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FMX 2015 Creative showcasing

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FMX, like almost all trade shows of any kind, is home to a large number of booths, where developers and resellers show off their latest and greatest. This is great and allows people to investigate possible options and talk to the people involved in their creation, before committing to investing any cold hard cash. What has been great to see though is a different approach to this kind of strategy from certain areas. Following on from last year at FMX the collaboration between HP, Cut & Paste, Intel and Wacom has continued and I think it’s the future. Rather than…

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Syrp Magic Carpet

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While doing a spate of video production gear reviews I got my hands on a Magic Carpet from Syrp and I love it. I wont repeat myself by typing it all out here but you can head over to RGBHQ to watch the video and see a few photos. If you just want to see a few shots made with it check it out below. I shot this using the Canon C100 mk 2, with a 24-105 L f4. Graded in Premiere using Magic Bullet Colorista and Film.  

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One to one training

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    Is 2015 the year you want to change you job, or upskill. Maybe you just want to make a jump in skill level. Well, this year has well and truly started with the studio ramping up to full speed already. The new studio has been fitted out not just for the production work but also for training, with separate desk, wacom cintiq 24HD and everything needed to help artists learn new skills. Our first one to one session this year is underway, with James Rickards, of Renderbots, here to work with me and learn some new chops. We…

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Computer Graphics Masters

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One of the last projects I worked on at Future (3D World) was Computer Graphics Masters, a book for which I was commissioning and contributing editor. The book, created on behalf of HP and NVIDIA, is a collection of opinion pieces, features and case studies, looking at some of the most prominent technologies, people and projects in our industries. Split into Film, Broadcast and Commercial sections there is plenty to read and lots to learn about how some of the most memorable visuals of the last few years have been made. Anything from Oblivion, Gravity and Guardians of the Galaxy…

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3D World 188 | reviews

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  The latest issue of 3D World magazine sees a couple of pieces of my pieces, both in the review section. First up is a review of Cinema 4D R16. I’ve said a lot about the newest release from Maxon online but it’s great to see some print material, so have a read and see if you agree. It was also a nice way to resurrect the shiny stripy sphere, which I haven’t used in a long while but helped quickly highlight the new reflectance channel. As you may have noticed I’ve been getting into a lot of 3D printing…

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#mastersofcg idents

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So, as you probably all know I’m entering the #mastersofcg contest over at creativebloq even though I’m banned from winning. The main reason for me is that it gives me a really good excuse to work on a project with a little bit of a brief but where I have some freedom to experiment, teach myself new things and to work on scenes that I might not be able to justify otherwise. Although I’m entering three of the categories I’ll stick to the first here. That is ‘Studio Ident’. I’m a big fan of these very short form projects and…

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