Top 10 things to see at View Conference

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  View Conference, in Turin Italy, has a reputation for bringing some incredible speakers together, with annual programmes that are impressive to say the least. 2018 is the best yet and anybody travelling to the conference on the 22nd October is due for a real treat. The program is full of inspirational talks and workshops, from world class speakers, so how do you choose which parts of the event are best for you? Don’t worry, I’ve chosen the 10 highlights for anybody interested in visual effects and 3D, so read on to discover my top ten!   1. Keynote from…

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FMX 2015 A world in miniature

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While most attendees at FMX are there to learn about computer based animation there were a good number who were equally pleased at the coverage given to more traditional effects solutions. The use of miniatures in film has been seen since film became a medium and although the height’s of miniature usage may appear to have passed, with CG taking the limelight, this is a massive misconception. Many films made today still rely on miniatures, or practical models to sell a shot and some director’s will take that route when given purely for the realism of the lighting interactions and…

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Laubwerk Plant kit update

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I've recently had the chance to test the latest from Laubwerk, developer of the fantastic Plants kit, which comes in various flavours, of which I'm using the Cinema 4D version. I was actually the first artist to use the new release and put it through it's paces and you can see my brief thoughts over at the Laubwerk site, along with one of the renders I created using it but I have to say I love it. I used previous versions and enjoyed them too but this one makes my life so much easier and my work more efficient. It...
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FMX 2015 Marketplace (plus Weta and Toy Story are 20!)

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FMX can be thought of in many ways but it has always been a pioneer of showcasing new technologies and discussing possibilities of what is just around the corner. 2015 has been no different in this but has maybe had a slight split. As it’s the 20th anniversary of FMX there has been some reflection at what has passed, not just form the event organisers but form a number of speakers and studios. Not surprising as both Pixar and Weta digital share the same celebration. Yes, Toy Story is now two decades old! A fair number of talks were given…

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FMX 2015 – Mixed realities

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Every year at FMX a theme develops, either intentional or not and 2015 was no different, although the topic that rose to most people’s minds upon asking may be a surprise. This year almost everybody is talking about immersive technologies, meaning VR, AR and the one most people talked about MR (mixed realities). In fact looking back at the programme, over half the talks were either centered on, or included aspects of mixed reality. The last two decades or more there have been attempts at VR, or at least stumblings in the right direction but the technology has never allowed…

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Learn Cinema 4D in the classroom

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If you have ever tried to learn something from youtube, or you have tried to follow along with somebody you probably have run out of momentum at some point. While it’s great that you can pause and rewind, you still need to be able to see and understand what is going on, for you to gain confidence in taking those skills yourself. That is where classroom based learning comes in. Being able to watch somebody, while they explain is a good way to build a solid understanding but the ability to then ask questions and discuss why those choices are…

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Trojan Horse was a Unicorn – 4

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Today is was the final day of Trojan Horse was a Unicorn festival (although I’m writing this the day after – the end of show party was immense) and I am slightly bemused by the whole affair. I was planning to keep these blog posts restricted to pure facts, reporting the goings on from each day. Instead I find myself feeling like I’ve been not at a digital art show but more a combination of massive family reunion and epic rock concert.   Factually today was more of the same, with talks from world renowned artists and mentoring sessions where…

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Trojan Horse was a Unicorn – 3

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Much of the week has been about mentoring, with top flight artists spending time with a group of menthes, learning not just about process but about reasoning, experience and developing as an artist. This is a part of what makes THU magic and you won’t find it anywhere else.   One of my personal highlights has been Victor Hugo, who has been one of my favourite artists for some time now. He produced a surprise animation, which I posted earlier in the week, named “The Manifesto’; a tribute to the speakers and with many easter eggs for the keen eyed….

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