ProMats Vol 1 is here!

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  Hi all, I’m really excited to announce the launch of Volume 1, from my series of hires textures for CG artists ( a selection of which you see above). This is the first of many and includes an assortment of textures for use in many scenarios, from Archviz work to motion graphics. Each material is completely image based, using hires photography and included are maps for all kinds of effects, from standard diffuse and specular, to normal maps and displacement. Using the pack you can create some beautiful, photorealistic materials, from old vintage brickwork, to bamboo flooring and so…

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Promats Vol 1: Coming soon

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I’ve been hard at work on new ways to help you get better results easily and it’s nearly ready. Promats is a collection of material packs, each with a particular focus, to give you the best results possible. Each pack will have Diffuse, Displacement, Normal, Weight and more channels as texture files ready for use with any material editor and render engine. Better yet, the packs will contain ready made materials for Cinema 4D, Cycles4D and Maxwell, so if you use them, then you are set to go the moment your download completes. The materials are all high resolution, so…

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Newsletter, C4D R17 and iPhone 7

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This is a bit of a catch all post and there’s a fair bit to cover, so I’ll be brief. Thi summer has been so busy but for the right reasons. The 3D work has been thick and fats with some really interesting projects, including a set of renders for Techradar, which are all concepts for new handsets from the likes of Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony. These were all made using Cinem a4D and rendered with Maxwell Render. There are more of these on the way so keep checking, as we will share them too. The best way to…

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Apple iPhone 7 renders in T3

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  Like many tech magazines and blogs T3 magazine likes to invetsigate what the future might hold for us and in the latest issue they have done just that. This time they have looked at what might be coming in the autumn ofr iPhone 7 and they asked me to produce some renders based on their thoughts. You can see the pages here but for full res, detailed, images check out T3 either in print or on the ipad. The model was built in Cinema 4D, where the scene was set up, materials added, then lighting set up and fiunally…

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shatter_001 (0-00-01-17)

Shattering objects with Cinema 4D

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I thought I would start posting a few of the projects I worked through during the course I taught at Image Ireland recently. I’m off to Siggraph Asia tomorrow but the students particularly enjoyed smashing things up and rigid body dynamics, so here is a render from one of the lessons. Check back for more later this month. I may even share some of the scene files if you’re interested.

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Pixel Nebula

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This image, entitled Pixel Nebula was inspired by a couple of things I’ve seen recently. First up was some of the amazing work by Lee Griggs, done in Maya using xgen and arnold and also by some of the vfx in Lucy. While I have mixed feelings about Lucy as a film, the visuals weren’t lacking at all and I’ll definitely be taking more inspiration from them soon.   Back to this render. While writing a review of Cinema 4D R16 for 3D World I’ve been experimenting and what you see here is almost completely built within it. There are…

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New art: Coffee time.

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  I wanted to show off this render as it is the first I’ve done as part of client work, using some of the new features of Cinema 4D R16. The piece was done for 3D World magazine, to illustrate some of these new features. In this case it was the new reflectance channel in the revised material manager. I’m a huge huge fan and I hope the result above shows why. Those blurry and anisotropic surfaces look great and are a doddle to set up.   I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions and comments, so please leave a…

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