Image Ireland in 3D World

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The latest 3D World has an interview with Stephen Lohan, the CEO if Image Ireland, where I will be teaching Mograph for VFX courses, using Cinema 4D and After Effects. Stephen explains about the benefits of studying at the school, pointing out that students can learn more in a month and for less money, than they would in a four year degree course. For more info check out the site or have a read in the latest issue of 3D World.

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Learn Cinema 4D in the classroom

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If you have ever tried to learn something from youtube, or you have tried to follow along with somebody you probably have run out of momentum at some point. While it’s great that you can pause and rewind, you still need to be able to see and understand what is going on, for you to gain confidence in taking those skills yourself. That is where classroom based learning comes in. Being able to watch somebody, while they explain is a good way to build a solid understanding but the ability to then ask questions and discuss why those choices are…

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Image Ireland

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November isn’t just a time for growing socially aware comedy facial hair but is now time to learn some new skills. Image Ireland, the school for vfx artists, based in Dublin, is soon opening it’s doors to the Cinema 4D community and I will be there teaching the Mograph for VFX course. The course is designed with all experience levels in mind, with a starting few days getting the less experienced up to the speed of the more veteran user. Over four weeks you will learn many apsects of Cinema 4D and a fair chunk of After Effects, including using…

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Old Beginnings

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  As of today, I am no longer a permanent, full time member of the 3D World team. And whilst I hope that you will still see my name and work in the magazine, it will be as a freelancer. It’s an odd parting for me, as I’m sad to not be keeping my usual seat warm on a daily basis, but happy in the knowledge that I’ve been part of a magazine that I love, ¬†and one that I hope to be involved in in the future. But leaving 3D World will give me more time to feed my…

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Gear overview

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I’ve had a number of questions since I started tweeting about my new setup, so I thought it was about time to do a little overview of what I’m using to do my work at the moment. Please keep in mind that this isn’t an exhaustive list and I still have my apple setups in my studio. With that said here is a run down.   Workstation. I’m using an HPZ820, with a 240gb SSD, a1tb HDD for files, 16gb RAM and its a 2x Xeon running 24 threads. I’ve done zero tweaking so far and a quick cinebench test…

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new site/new projects/new gear

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  Hi all, it’s all been go here recently. My site went down and my backup drive failed, so I’m starting from scratch. If you visit for my video tutorials please don’t worry too much. They will all return but for now you can still find them all on my vimeo channel, including this popular one on GI. On to the good stuff. I’ve been lucky enough to play with a lot of gear over the last few years and recently I’ve decided to experiment with a switch from mac to windows. This isn’t because apple has offended me in…

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