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View Conference, in Turin Italy, has a reputation for bringing some incredible speakers together, with annual programmes that are impressive to say the least. 2018 is the best yet and anybody travelling to the conference on the 22nd October is due for a real treat. The program is full of inspirational talks and workshops, from world class speakers, so how do you choose which parts of the event are best for you? Don’t worry, I’ve chosen the 10 highlights for anybody interested in visual effects and 3D, so read on to discover my top ten!


1. Keynote from Hans Zimmer

Everybody knows that audio has as much to do with the success of a project as the visuals, so much so that good audio can save an otherwise lacklustre shot, where the reverse cannot be said. Hans Zimmer is the award winning composer behind far too many projects to list but highlights include Blade Runner 2049, Christopher Nolan’s Batman films, right back to Thelma and Louise and many more.

Kicking off the conference is Hans Zimmer’s keynote speech, which should be a fantastic way to kick off your week.


2. The Job fair

Many events will have some form of recruitment or job fair and View is no different, so if you want to meet the team from your dream studio, or get your work under the noses of potential bosses this the area to head to. Come along and don’t forget to bring your portfolio to show the recruiters but also to compare with other attendees over a coffee.


3. Rob Bredow

Rob Bredow is a name known to almost all fans of VFX and particularly those fans of the Star Wars universe, as he was VFX sup on Solo, before becoming the head of Industrial Light & Magic. Rob will be giving a presentation on the VFX of Solo, so get in to learn how you can apply some of his skills and experiences to your own projects.


4. Masterclass: Helge Maus

I first met Helge a good few years ago and have remained a fan of his work ever since. This year he is giving a workshop on creating VFX using Maxon’s Cinema 4D R20 and I strongly suggest going along, even if you aren’t currently a C4D user. Helge’s approach is interesting, informative and his presentation style is easy to watch and follow along with.


5. Games bootcamp

This is a tricky one to talk about because you would need to have got started earlier in the year but I strongly recommend that anybody with a keen interest in games development keep an eye on this. Essentially it’s an opportunity for you to get a foot on the ladder, with 6 shortlisted developers getting chance to ┬átempt the bootcamp investors to back a project. So, even if you missed out this year, follow along and apply next year.




6. Dylan Sisson

We all love Pixar right? Well get yourself to Dylan’s talk to learn some of the secrets behind the success of Pixar; Renderman, which is the key to the incredible (pun very much intended) visuals of all Pixar’s movies.


7. Design the Monster

On Monday morning uncover the secrets behind the making of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, where animation sup Glen McIntosh will be sharing some behind the scenes tips and tricks. This is set to be an insightful talk with a slightly different focus than some other pure effects talks.


8. Mireilla Soria

Industry veteran Mireille Soria, President of Paramount Animation, will be giving a keynote speech and rather than being a glimpse into the processes of animation and vfx she will be drawing upon her life experiences to share how they have informed her film making decisions.


9. The Venue

2018 see View Conference moving to it’s new home: Officine Grandi Riparazoni (the OGR). The new home is an incredible venue, with multiple rooms catering to all manner of activity from the talks, the workshops, right through to many places to chill out for a drink or chat between talks.


10. Networking

An event can have all the talks, masterclasses, demos and workshops but often the key to making a successful event, that leaves you inspired and eager to get home to start your next creative endeavour is the networking. You can meet old friends, make new ones and rediscover your passion, which brought you to the event in the first place. If you are going to spend money and time attending an event of this nature don’t sit on your own for your lunch. Find a group of likeminded people and enjoy it together. Even if all you do is connect on social media or swap business cards it could be the key to something in your future.


So, that’s my collection of ten key elements not to miss out on at this year’s View Conference. If you make it there then keep an eye out for me. As well as taking it al in for 3D World magazine I will also be there as the official conference photographer, so come and say hi!

I’ll be posting again when I get back to talk about the project from a photographic point of view, showing the gear I use and how to plan and run such a project.


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